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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 11, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EST

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this was the scene, tonight at 30th street station in philadelphia, hundreds of commuters found themselves
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stranded, when septa's paoli thorndale regional rail line went down. septa spokesperson said during the rush hour it is probably the worst time for this to happen. she's got that right. it the is thursday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is a power outage on amtrak which shares its tracks with septa. that turned the evening rush hour into a nightmare for both transit agencies. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live at 30th street station. jeff, what is the status of the outage? is there a potential problem for the morning rush hour? >> reporter: jim, there is a big question mark over the morning commute. now amtrak is reporting hour long delays, on the keystone line between here and harrisburg. septa suspended it rail service to paoli. it was a hectic evening here meaning many commuters did not make it home in time for dinner they stood and waited, hundreds of septa passengers lined up outside 30th street station hoping to find a way
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home after the train line that they expect to take was closed just a after 5:30. >> i was at the flower show. we are trying to get back to malvern. get to the station. they tell us there is no power. >> we were told there will be buses here shuttling us all to the appropriate stations that we are going to but there is nothing here. >> reporter: septa reports down power lines for blame for shutting down its paoli thorndale line and delaying services on amtrak's keystone line between philadelphia and harrisburg this couple in town for the flower show made it part of the way home to pottstown when trouble struck. >> we were broken and the train stopped for about an hour and they turned it around and came back to here. >> home, dinner, yes. >> reporter: with lines going no where, some resort todd uber. >> this is excellent for business. >> reporter: any idea how much it will get cost to get home. >> don't care. >> reporter: by 8:30 septa buses a arrived to a round of applause, many taking this minor inconvenience in stride. >> i'm retired, i have all of
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the time in the world. >> reporter: those buses are leaving 30th street station at the scheduled rail time, and dropping passengers off at stops along the paoli thorndale line. what about the morning commute? amtrak says that they will have crews on the tracks working throughout the night and septa officials say that they are optimistic, that the trains will be running, for the morning commute. we are live at 30th street station, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". >> optimism always a good thing. a forest fire is burning uncontrolled tonight in wood land township burlington county. with no sign of letting up. it is consumed 350 a acres to this point, near tuckerton road. seventeen fire trucks were battling the blaze. fortunately no homes were threatened so far. nobody has been hurt. fire fighters are get nothing relief from mother nature as it the has been another day of record heat across the tri-state area meteorologist adam joseph is in for cecily tynan tonight.
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adam, is what the story. >> story is last two days 82 degrees in philadelphia which is more june-like around here and some summer levels. as we look the at the record breaking temperatures area wide, 81 in trenton. eighty-one at atlantic city. eighty in wilmington. seventy-nine in reading and lancaster but these two days of 80 plus degree temperatures for many of us is about to end in the form of the cold front. you can see it on double scan live radar working from the north and west. not a lot of rain with it the but that will pass through overnight, supplying some showers. what to expect here? the showers will be very light, between now, up in the poconos, and the break of the lehigh valley through 6:00 tomorrow morning in southern area. just a trace to a tenth of an inch, hitting the ground but for morning rush, most of us, it will be on the dry side with some lingering puddles. jim, when i come back we will talk about the cooler temperatures at the end of the week and upcoming weekend in the full forecast. >> thanks, adam. tonight it is former colleagues held a vigil for
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new jersey state trooper sean cullen killed two nights ago in an accident on i295. a "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live outside of the public safety building in west hampton, dann, an emotional night there. >> reporter: that is right, jim. they came here with sad hearts, but also the celebration of the life of trooper sean cullen. family, friend, collogues took to the podium tonight each with their own heartfelt story. >> ♪ >> reporter: some 300 to 400 people many holding can also gathered for what was to be a gripping, emotional tribute. >> time to stand together in solidarity to show the family that they are not alone. >> reporter: they are among them paying tribute the with cullen's state police sergeant. >> sean was a great trooper but a even better person and every single shift he made you laugh. >> reporter: his best friend.
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>> i know he is here looking down on everyone of us, and i just feel so fortunate that for the 20 years that i have known him. >> reporter: his sister said when he was three years old sean thought he was a super here he who could fly. >> we're so happy that, we any he is watching over us, and he gave his super hero strength. >> reporter: cullen leaves behind his fiance erin, pregnant with child, and nine month-old boy shamus. >> he loved shamus. >> unaudible. >> i'm just going to miss him. >> reporter: cullen's family who moved here from ireland when he wases three years old was gratified for the outpouring of the support. >> i want to thank each and everyone of you for being here. each and everyone of you, thank you is all i can say. thank you, thank you, thank you. >> reporter: a viewing for trooper cullen will be held this sunday at saint charles borromeo church in cinnaminson
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and followed by funeral mass at noon on monday. we are live from west hampton, new jersey i'm dann cuellar for channel six "action news". >> dann, thank you. thirty year-old edward archer has been held over for trial for allegedly trying to kill a philadelphia police officer. that officer, jesse hartnett, testified at archer's preliminary hearing today. he had a total of seven surgeries, so far. after his left arm was shattered by gunfire, in the ambush attack on january 7th. archer said he was acting in the name of islam. his lawyer said after the hearing today that archer may have mental health problems. philadelphia police are investigating whether any of the four juveniles arrested today for beating up a roast man catholic high school student were also involved in assaulting another student from that same school. the arrested youngsters attend a different school, philadelphia electrical, technical, charter in center sit the eye. dozens of protesters from atlantic city tried to make their point in trenton today
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but to no avail. mayor don guardian led the protesters to the state capitol, objecting to the proposed state take over of atlantic city. the protesters, disrupted a state hearing on a bill that would strip atlantic city of most of its financial authority. the committee approved the bill and it will go to the full senate for a vote next week. so, it is a showdown in the sunshine state, the republican candidates for president squared off tonight in the battle ground of florida which could be a make or break primary next week. abc's kenneth moton takes us to the debate tonight. >> reporter: republican front runner donald trump took the stage with the double digit lead in florida, trump will have to explain his wednesday statement i think islam hates us. >> did you mean all 1.6 billion muslims. >> i mean a lot of them. i mean a lot of them. >> for large portions of a group of people, islam, large
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portions want to use very, very harsh means. >> reporter: candidates took on issues including how to handle violence in the middle east. >> there is no peace deal possible with the palestinians at the moment. >> i will rip to shreds that catastrophic iran nuclear deal. >> reporter: breitbart reporter, accused his, campaign manager of roughing her up. >> obviously in one wants to be touched, violated like that. >> reporter: trump was asked about violence between supporters and protesters at the his rallies. >> we have some protesters who are bad dudes. they have done bad things. they are swinging, they are really dangerous. >> reporter: trailing badly florida senator marco rubio is making a last stand in his home state, texas senator ted cruz in second place says he is only viable alternative to trump. governor john kasich hopes to stay in the race by winning his home state of ohio. that is last debate before so-called super tuesday three, next week, which promises to
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be a turning point in the campaign. >> now we are back to the campaign trail, republicans will have a full weekend of campaigning, in several states, beside ohio, florida there are contestness illinois, north carolina and missouri on tuesday, jim. reporting from washington, kenneth moton channel six "action news". >> thanks, kenneth. on the democratic side, bernie sanders donned a university of florida baseball cap for his rally at the university today. sanders was all over the state campaigning for support in next weeks primary. hillary clinton was in tampa where she wants to take her quote vision and views to the general election. clinton announce that had she will suspend her campaign tomorrow to attend nancy reagan's funeral. meanwhile thousands of mourners filed past mrs. reagan's casket as it laid in repose at reagan library any california. some paused at flower draped casket to remember president reagan's campaign signature of mourning in america. 3,000 people came to the
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library yesterday, four of the five living first ladies, will be there tomorrow. montgomery county designer, played a pivotal role in nancy reagan's biggest project. he designed the just say no anti drug clothing collection for the first lady. monica malpass joins us now with more on imel dejohn. >> did he work for 40 years designing for goodman, bill blast, jones new york, blooming dale and macy's but one of the career highlights was winning a contest, to design, nancy reagan's children clothing line with an important message: don't take drugs. his clothes have been featured on the covers of the vogue, and harper's bizarre, barbara streisand and many actresses have worn them but first lady and fashionista nancy reagan who dejohn wanted to impress. he was one of the 17 design hours sent sketches for just say no anti drug clothing competition. >> just present the sketches
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to nancy and her committee while in paris, and i get a phone call that mrs. reagan had selected me. >> reporter: emel had three months to design sweat shirts, pants, and more, for children two to teens. but he immediately had a vision of what the collection should look like. >> i saw the pictures of the flags, from the countries and i just saw, how interesting it would be to have them write just say no and it just went on and i know kid like bold color. >> reporter: he used english, russian, japanese and other languages and flags to show the scope of the problem. nancy reagan gave out the clothes as she spread her message worldwide, emel was thrilled to be part of it. >> it was the president's wife and it was helping children and it just made me very happy. >> reporter: emel is still a fashion designer but one of the highlights was designing for the first lady.
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experts say her efforts, significantly reduced illegal drug use during the reagan years, jim? >> thanks, monica. 2,000 parents in philadelphia got some great news tonight, during these phone calls, they were told that their child is getting a four year scholarship to a tuition based elementary school of their choosing. the scholarship winners were select at random and fund made possible for the campaign for 10,000 children. this is the first, final year of the program. still to come on "action news" tonight the walls came crumbling down, we're on the scene as a house is reduced to ruble. plus where things stand five years later on this fifth anniversary of the tsunami disaster, cecily, make that add many. >> yes, jim, we have one of the warmest spots in the entire country this afternoon, very summer like, 82 in fill but we will step those temperatures down through the end of the week and upcoming weekend. i will have those changing numbers in accu weather. ducis rodgers hear from his one of the new eagles who
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joins the nest, when "action news" continues tonight.
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inspectors are trying to, pinpoint exactly what brought the house down, in germantown overnight. "action news" was there as much of the remaining structure, also crumbled on the 5100 block of merion street. two people lived there were able to get out safely before the first collapse, at 1:00 o'clock this morning. the neighboring home was also now evacuated until the structure can be shourd up. a chester police officer has been charged with exposing himself to a female detainee and coercing other woman in cuss todd toy take off their clothes. thirty-seven year-old roosevelt turner is free, after posting, or posting
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rather $25,000 bail today. the count down to a potentially crippling new jersey transit strike is drawing ever closer. the despite several days of negotiation this is week is there still no resolution. both sides say they plan to resume talks tomorrow and hopes of averting a walk off at 12:01 a.m. sunday. negotiators say the tone of the meetings has been positive but they have not reached an agreement on wages and health care costs. rail unions have been working without a contract for almost five years. it was a pack house tonight at the church of the advocate in north philadelphia. residents, and students, spoke out against proposal to build a stadium at temple university. last month, temple's trustees voted to move forward with the plan, proving a million-dollar for a feasibility study. community members say the stadium would push them out. police in a town just outside pittsburgh are searching for two gunman tonight who massacred five members of the family during a
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backyard cook out last night. one of the victims was a eight month pregnant. investigators say the gun man teamed up, one fired first to steer victims toward his partner, who shot them all in the head. several of the victims were mothers of the young children. there is still no word on a motive here. it was almost exactly five years, the most powerful earthquake in japan's reported history struck sending a devastating tsunami sweeping through northeastern part of the country and killing an estimated 18,000 people. it also led to the nuclear disaster at fukushima plant, a problem that is still being cleaned up, to this very day. it will take decades. 100,000 residents are still being kept away from their homes because of the radiation contamination. memorials will be held across japan at 2:46 a.m. our time to mark the anniversary of the earthquake. on health check at 11:00 ultra processed food make up far more than average
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american diet then many people realized. researchers have found that over half of our calories come from ultra processed food. those that include artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, a similar kind of ingredients. they found these foods account for 90 percent of added sugars that americans eat. the worst offenders, by far, soda and other sugary drinks. adam joseph with the latest information from accu weather. >> a few showers overnight. temperatures dropping by end of the week threw up coming weekend. but we will still be above average, 15 degrees above normal with this drop coming. we will look at double scan live radar. it is a cold front to the north of the poconos. the cloud have pushed in. it is still very mild out there right now. you can see a lit built of green on double scan live radar up in the poconos, lake harmony, west toward bloomsberg, all this is working slowly from the north to the south, and then i'm
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still going to be at least another hour or so before it push necessary to the the lehigh valley and then not into philadelphia, until almost 4:00 o'clock in the morning. temperatures right now are still in the mid 60's, even upper 60's, for allentown, reading, trenton and millville. at the shore today temperatures topped off in the upper 50's to near 60 degrees. it is still only in the 50's because of the wind out of the southerly direction off of that ocean, just 42 degrees. as we look at satellited and radar this area of showers, it is not all that wide and it will continue to shrink as it head to the south. there is no atmosphere energy to keep these showers going, so, as they push through we are looking at a trace to a tenth of an inch of rain overnight. there it is at 4:00 a.m. around that pennsylvania turnpike off to the north, still dry, southern new jersey and delaware and notice it is a pencil thin line at 6:00 o'clock in the morning as it passes philadelphia and
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wilmington. it is quickly off the coast. sunshine, back in full force, pretty much first thing in the morning in the lehigh valley and then expanding down to the south into the afternoon at 4:00 o'clock, the sunshine really in control. as we look at the high temperatures for tomorrow, low 60's in the lehigh valley. sixty-six in philadelphia. sixty-seven in millville. it will be very windy out of the north, much cooler wind despite we will have that sunshine. then as we look for the next week to two weeks below normal temperatures, over the rockies but for the northeastern part of the you had including mid-atlantic and philadelphia, we will have the greatest above normal temperatures as we go into nine next two weeks. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, 66 tomorrow. that is 15 degrees above normal. the mostly sunny on saturday, 64. reminder to turn those clocks ahead an hour saturday night. sunsetting on sunday at 7:06. sunday a lot of clouds with a few showers late in the the day. rainy cooler monday of
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58 degrees, a lingering shower tuesday morning, giving way to some sun later in the day and turning warmer at st. patrick's day with those temperatures between 65 and 70 . pretty remarkable march, so far. >> we will take it. >> yes. if you have a sweet tooth the adventure aquarium in camden was only place to be tonight. the als association of greater philadelphia held a fundraiser centered entirely around chocolate. there were check late cup cakes, candy and center piece for the show a chocolate fountain. money raised for the enterings to the fight against als. talented youngsters got their well deserve moment in the spotlight tonight in south philadelphia. the saint john neuman and maria goretti high school held a talent show tonight. alycia vitarelli was on hand to help judge the event, called the saints got talent, the show doubled as the
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a couple of sixers legend were on hand tonight, for the team's youth foundation gala
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at the palestra at university of pennsylvania. doctor j was there to lend his support, as was, allen iverson. along with former eagle brian westbrook, proceeds from tonight's event benefits sixers youth foundation which uses sports to help young people, learn healthy habits. we are getting to meet our new philadelphia eagles. >> the backup quarterback in this town, very popular position. >> always. >> always. you are right. quarterback position is a fragile one which makes backup quarterback an important one. that was eagles mind set when they went looking for number two. they signed former chiefs quarterback chase daniel. three-year contract worth 21 million-dollar. daniel played for doug pederson in kansas city. today pederson made it clear that daniel is back up to sam bradford don't even start a quarterback controversy. daniel says he is okay with that role. >> i wouldn't be in the nfl if i didn't think i would be a starting quarterback in this league. now, there is certain steps we have to take to take that
2:04 am
opportunity, and i'm looking forward to competing here. >> i don't ever want to put myself in the position where, you don't have two solid quarterback and it was very important for me not only with number one to get sam signed but then to go out and find a number two and chase was that guy. >> this is your new free safety rodney mccloud, the 25 year-old comes over from the rams, he is exited to get to know his new teammates including one in particular. >> i know i'm playing against, or playing with malcolm jenkins who is a great safety in this league, pro bowler. it is one of the reasons why i chose here to play beside a guy of that caliber that is proven himself that i can learn from. >> eagles also signed line badger nigel bradham. he played in buffalo n2014 his defensive coordinator was jim schwartz. the eag dolls lose a free agent today, cedric thornton signed a four year deal with the cowboys.
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still to come phillies first base man miguel
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sixers rookie jahlil okafor has missed five game with the knee and chin injuries. when asked for a timetable on his return brett brown gave this cryptic answer. >> i think tomorrow, with the sort of collaborative effort of everybody involved that there will be in a position to declare to the marketplace if
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what is going on, this is what we intend to do, and this is the path that jahlil will follow for a while and then off we go. >> doesn't sound good. villanova a should steam roll through big east tournament but it is where crazy things can happen. nova gets a tough one from georgetown today. thirteen lead changes in this one and then, there is this. dann you'll ochefu reaggravates his ago he will injury and would leave and in the return. stepping up ryan arcidiacono steel over to josh hart, three-point play the old fashion way. he scored 25 points. later, archie key ago know, how much does this guy have in his jumper. nineteen for him. cats win 81-67. next up providence tomorrow. how about lasalle, and davidson. end of the first half, payton aldridge at the buzzer working in the lane. lasalle falls 70-63.
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they are nine-22 season. spring training stats are not terribly significant but one jumps out. phillies hit 16 home runs in 12 games, second most in baseball. facing tigers today, miguel franco, in the first inning, two run home run. two to nothing phillies. fourth inning, franco, again, another two run shot, and he now has four home runs this spring. this game end in a six-six tie. thanks, ducis. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. jimmy's guest viola davis, ila fischer and music from the suppers. "action news" continues at 4:30. now for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night. >> ♪
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